Come try our new food and drink concept, One Bird at Bamboo Door Leeds
Mr Nobody is closed and has been replaced with Bamboo Door.

About Us

Our Story

Mr Nobody Ethos

We met 10 years ago- a chef; a bar man and a computer geek. We’ve always wanted to have the freedom to do what we wanted, to express our passions and our ideas.

We wanted to create somewhere that is really exciting and interesting, but informal and fun; that’s inclusive and definitely not exclusive, and not so expensive that we can’t have regulars.

We didn’t want a restaurant or a bar- we wanted both, somewhere that our guests, friends, family and whoever could come and enjoy. Be it for just a drink, Lunch, or the Full 8 Course Discovery experience.


Our Ethos

With our Monthly menu changes we want everything to be fresh. Made by hand, with love and detail so your journey  encompasses a myriad of special and clear flavours- heightened, not hidden, by new style techniques. We wanted to create a non-style, somewhere with no ‘mother’ so you can have a multi dimensional experience- one that’s different every time you come. We are looking to give you new discoveries that you can revel in and reminisce within your fellowships.