Come try our new food and drink concept, One Bird at Bamboo Door Leeds
Mr Nobody is closed and has been replaced with Bamboo Door.

Tasting Menus in the Cellar Restaurant

Our Food Menu


8 courses £50 per person

  • add a drinks flight for £30 per person

5 courses £35 per person (wed – fri only)

  • add a drinks flight for £20 per person

Booking is essential for this reason:

We buy in for what we’ve got booked each day and no more which allows us to serve the pinnacle of freshness. Each night our fridges are empty so it’s sustainable, ethical, responsible and delicious.

All you need to do is give 48 hours advanced notice of any dietary requirements and any food which you really don’t like, from there on in we will put together something unique for your day.

We simply serve the things that we love and know, and we hope you’ll love them too.

#samplemenu (Our menu changes monthly (approx) – menu’s shown are from the previous month)


Downstairs in the Cellar Restaurant


Coppa ham, heritage tomato & garlic

(Melon soup opal basil)


1. Slow bread, nobody’s butters & smoked roe

(Slow bread, nobody’s butters)       

2. Mussels mariniere, parsley & lemon thyme  

(Cauliflower cream, parsley & lemon thyme)

3. Quail masala dosa, honey & coconut yogurt  – carrot melon & coconut lassi

(Purple potato masala dosa, honey & coconut yogurt  )

4. Quail shawarma, pickles – mint-tea mojito

(Masala mushrooms, dripped yogurt, coriander chutney  )

5. Cantonese onion, smoked soy butter

(Cantonese onion, smoked soy butter)

6. Beef shin in beer dumpling, melted tomatoes

(Cheese & onion dumpling, melted tomato)

7. Strawberries chaud froid & Tahitian vanilla ice cream –

(Strawberries chaud froid & Tahitian vanilla ice cream)

8. Desi chai


Spiced doughnut


For any allergies please see our allergies, advice and info page.