Come try our new food and drink concept, One Bird at Bamboo Door Leeds
Mr Nobody is closed and has been replaced with Bamboo Door.

Tasting Menu- Lunch in the Cellar Restaurant

Our Food Menu

Tasting Menu- Lunch in the Cellar Restaurant


****Only available on Saturday’s throughout August****

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused


#samplemenu (Our menu changes monthly (approx) -menu’s shown are from the previous month)

4 courses in the restaurant – £27


Slow bread, nobody’s butter & smoked roe

(Slow bread, nobody’s butters)


1. Mussels mariniere, parsley & lemon thyme  

(Cauliflower cream, parsley & lemon thyme)

2. Quail shawarma, pickles – mint-tea mojito

(Masala mushrooms, dripped yogurt, coriander chutney)

3. Beef shin in beer dumpling, melted tomatoes

(Cheese & onion dumpling, melted tomato)

4. Strawberries chaud froid & Tahitian vanilla ice cream 


Desi chai

For any allergies please see our allergies, advice & info page.